Who are Smiling Cube Studios ?

We are a 2-person game company from the Netherlands. Creating games is our passion.

Do Smiling Cube Studios have more games ?

Yes , we do have more games available on the App Store. We are especially proud on the math/puzzle game called “Hexuma”. It is also available as a free download on the AppStore Hexuma Appstore Link

What is Doggle Run ?

Doggle Run is a retro style arcade game for iPhone and iPad, developed by Smiling Cube Studios

Who or What is a Doggle ?

Doggle is the imaginairy character from the game , it looks like a black cube with two eyes.

How much does this game cost ?

Doggle Run is free to play. It will show some ads. To get rid of these ads, you can purchase “ Doggle Run Premium” as an in-app purchase. It will remove all ads from the game.

Do I need a Game Center account to play Doggle Run ?

No you don' t need a Game Center account. But it will give you some nice extra's like achievements. You can also challenge your Game Center friends to beat your score.

What are the rules of this game ?

You can control Doggle (the black cube with eyes) by swiping. Make sure you don't touch the walls. When you have collected ALL coins, a door will open to the next level. You first have to collect ALL coins to be able to proceed to the next level. The goal is to score as many points as possible.

What can I do when the app crashes ?

Although we tested Doggle Run , there is always a small oppertunity a crash will occur. Developing apps is complicated. If a crash occurs, we will receive a crash report and we will fix it and update the app with the bugfix. In IOS7, you can choose to have your apps updated automatically.

What is your privacy policy ?

We use the standard privacy policy from the App Store.

If I have other questions or comments, how can I contact you ?

Send us an email at You can write in English, German or Dutch. We will try to answer your e-mail as quick as possible.